The role of a Gas engineer and installer is fitting, testing and repairing gas appliances and piping in homes and businesses.

As a gas engineer and installer you are likely to be involved with appliances such as cookers, central heating boilers, gas heaters etc. You are likely to visit customer premises, both domestic and commercial, to fit, service and repair boilers and heating systems that have broken down.

Paying attention to safety is an important part of being a gas engineer due to the dangerous nature of gas. When installing appliances engineers will pay strict attention to safety procedures to diagnose and repair faults on what can be complex appliances and systems. Also ensuring when required that there is proper ventilation and that dangerous fumes cannot leak into a room. Dismantling an appliance and cleaning, repairing or replacing relevant parts will be a common task. You will also deal with electronic programmers and controls of appliances such as central heating systems.

As gas engineers and installers have to visit customer premises they also are likely to have to speak with customers which may include answering any questions they have and advising them on how to best use their appliances and the most appropriate energy efficient heating system.

As a gas engineer and installer you are likely to have a rewarding career where you acquire professional qualifications and receive good pay. You are likely to enjoy  variety in your day to day work as you will work in domestic, commercial and industrial areas across different situations such as installing a boiler and central heating systems, to fixing a cooker.