The role of a plumber is vital in today’s society – just imagine a home with no running water or heating. That is one of the reasons why there is such a high demand for qualified plumbers.

A plumber can work as part of a team in a company or on their own. The sort of job you are going to do will be determined by your choice of working in Domestic Plumbing or in an Industrial Plumbing environment, both options are available.

A trades training advisor will help you to make the right choice taking into consideration the sort of skills you already have as well as the sort of job you would like to have.

A plumber’s job typically involves installing water filters, hot water systems, tap ware, tubs, toilets, drainpipes, shower systems and also maintaining and repairing them as and when required.

A plumber needs to understand the layout of a plumbing system and mark positions for fixtures and connections. A plumber interprets blueprints and project specifications.

The training courses will provide you with everything you need to become a qualified plumber.