Domestic Renewables

It is not just about electrical, oil, gas and plumbing training courses but also about the latest renewable energy training courses. The qualifications you receive are nationally and industry recognised.

The demand for your new renewable energy skills is expected to be high in the future. According to UK Government reports, the UK needs 7 million new solar hot water installations by 2020. Currently there are about 120,000 solar hot water installations in the UK. The feed-in tariffs for micro-generated electricity will further stimulate demand for your renewable energy skills especially Solar PV and Micro-Wind.

Once you have successfully completed your course you will have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to gain employment as a lawfully qualified renewable installation engineer.

Course Overview as follows:

Qualification Outcomes:

For new entrants there is a domestic renewable energy engineer package which includes; City & Guilds in Plumbing combined with the Bpec Solar Hot Water. Also the Bpec Ground Source Heat Pumps, together with Bpec Water Regulations and Bpec unvented Hot Water. This combination of high quality green energy training backed up by professional real world experience is at present unique within the industry.