Skilled Renewable Installation Engineers have many growing opportunities available to them and to work across the trades sectors; Electrical, Plumbing and Gas. From local commercial & residential building employers to large nationwide firms such as Npower and Southern Electric, there will be an opportunity to progress in these types of companies to supervisory and managerial type roles.

There is the ability to explore new fields within the building industry, all in the benefit to save energy.

Many renewable engineers become self-employed or work as contractors and this could be an avenue that you decide to take after a few years of gaining experience. Potential customers are office firms, residential property owners, insurance companies, building firms and local authorities. Working for yourself could mean that you decide what hours you work and what amount of money you charge.

With the ever expanding opportunities available and good pay becoming a Skilled Renewable Installation Engineer is a good career choice that can lead to rewarding & fulfilling benefits.