Work Hours and Environment

Working in the ever expanding world of renewables is becoming more and more exciting, due to the increased demand for us to conserve energy. Typically people work a 35 – 40 hours week with the ability to work extra hours in the evenings and at the weekends, which is likely to result in an increased pay due to the unsocial hours bonuses.

As well as obtaining a respected and recognised qualification as a skilled renewable installation engineer, it’s likely when you get a job you’ll be provided with a company van and mobile for you to visit customer premises and keep in touch with your office. Potential customers are likely to be residential properties, offices and industrial sites.

As a skilled renewables specialist you will have a variety of jobs from installing solar panels to the latest under floor heating system – being a skilled renewable installer will keep you on your toes! The variety of work and projects can make this career attractive and very stimulating.

We have the knowledge that will help you to make the most of your qualification and skills.