• Stephen W Great support and staff.
  • Richard S I really enjoyed the practical this week and was very helpful. The additional use of the virtual reality workshop was also of benefit and to a high standard. I am looking forward to my second week.
  • Christopher B overall a challenging week but enjoyable. I have now completed my C&G 6035. looking forward to starting my NVQ and eventually doing my level 3. I will always try to attend this centre. the staff are very professional and polite.
  • Daniel T very good. had a very good experience
  • Pawel J All sound! Well impressed with tutor knowledge and problem solving skills. They’re all always there ready to help. Well pleased with overall experience from the training centre, and people employed by it. Can’t wait to come back there soon for my week six!!! See You all soon!!!
  • Michael D Great final week at the centre. I would challenge any college/training centre in the country to find better tutors. The course has been brilliant and that’s largely down to the tutors, their knowledge is unlimited and although we always have a laugh and a joke they’re always there to help and support when required. I’d just like to say thanks to the tutors if this could get passed on, it’s been an unforgettable experience and something I’ll treasure for the rest of my days, thanks again! “It’s been emotional”
  • Stewart M I can’t fault the training I received during my practical week. I know I’ve learned a lot since I got here and I know the training I will get here will be the best I will get. The tutor is a great teacher, not only does he knows his stuff but he’s really funny as well which relaxes you quite a bit when you first get here. I was really nervous about attending my first practical week but now I am eager to attend my 2nd!
  • Andrew L Thanks to all staff for helping me through my last week. The centre is professionally run and I found the course to be invaluable. Thanks to my tutor. I have learned immense amounts through your demonstrations and knowledge.
  • Andrew C My final week and it’s been a pleasure, my tutor is really great and has made all my weeks under him very relaxed and took time to help me every step of the way as well as passed on some very useful tips he is a credit to this company and would highly recommend this training centre to anyone wishing to pursue a career in plumbing
  • Bengy N Consistently a great experience every time. A friendly atmosphere and professional staff who are always happy, genuinely a great place to come. I would recommend this centre to anyone and everyone and will return for more training myself. Thanks again.
  • Lungile N Allow me to say the tutor was on point, no time wasted, every aspect was clearly explained.  The classroom lessons were detailed and not rushed, no deviation. The whole centre is a vibrant place full of good and helpful people .
  • Mark R The tutor was very friendly and thorough.  If there was anything that I was unsure about or was essential for me to know then they came up with the answers every time. Great tutors and real credit to the company along with the office staff and the store technician who are all great assets to the company as they make you feel very welcome and learning enjoyable.
  • Patrick T Excellent tutor, really friendly, really helps, gives you confidence to carry out the assessments, has a great way of explaining different principles to somebody like myself with no background in construction. The tutor has made the week very enjoyable and there was a great atmosphere within the classroom and workshop.. get the man an MBE!!
  • David H The tutor was brilliant as always. His patience and understanding was exceptional. He is a legend, even as a Wolves supporter. The staff at the centre were brilliant, nothing was too much trouble. I have enjoyed my weeks here, Thank you to all of them.
  • Stephen B Very enjoyable and productive week. Helpful in the explanation of work needed to be carried out and explanation of why this is required makes this centre excellent for ambitious students who want to push themselves.
  • Gareth M Very easy to understand and pass if you revise the course materials thoroughly before the practicals.
  • Christian M I am pleased of the centre is well organised and equipped of all materials necessary for the training.
    and the teaching is well organised,
    thanks very much till I get my qualification.
  • Jamie S Excellent tutors and supported everyone within the classroom the meet the requirements of passing each and individual exam. Couldn’t recommend enough throughout their help. Thanks
  • Scott T Tutor was very informative and inclusive when ensuring our understanding on the subject material.
    It is clear that there is a very sincere and genuine desire to see all applicants succeed to a high standard. Excellent instruction and elaboration, thank you kindly.
  • Marco P I definitely had an excellent weekend, it ended up with a great result… I have to say a big thank you to all my tutors for what I’ve been learning and to the brilliant support I had received, many thanks to all.
  • Richard B The tutor was excellent and used his previous experience to demonstrate all the tasks so all students could understand what exactly was expected of them. He imparted excellent advice and guidance throughout the week. I thoroughly enjoyed this week.
  • Sean C A challenging week with exams, but pleased to have passed them.  The tutor was fantastic and made key points very easy to understand with his detailed and straight forward explanations.  Hope to work with him again in the future.
  • Usman M My tutor was insightful, clever, and helpful. He explained things in a clear and constructive manner, which made the training a fun place to be. This training program was run efficiently without any delays, it was fantastic and I had a great time here.
  • George L My tutor is honestly, a really great guy. More than happy to help you and explain you whatever bit you did not understand. All the other staff team is great as well, really friendly and always giving you the right information.
  • Carl E Great teaching staff, warm and friendly welcome when I arrived, every morning things were explained on what we needed to do, print outs / worksheets were available. Really did enjoy my stay with here. Many thanks to all the staff for all your help.
  • Richmond K Training at the centre was excellent.  Staff were friendly and informative and help to make life easier.  My assessor was fantastic.  He is patient, friendly and very impartial, giving everyone the opportunity to progress and achieve good results.  I admire the diversity.  I will highly recommend.
  • Simon W I would like to re-enforce the fact that James was absolutely marvellous this week. He was patient, courteous and extremely encouraging. Nothing was too much trouble for him. His explanations were clear and straight forward which led to a quick and easy understanding of what the class were expected to do – whether it be theory or practical based. A thoroughly enjoyable week. Many grateful thanks to my tutor for a very productive time at the centre. Furthermore, the welcoming and friendly admin staff and also thank you to the Headmaster for his generous understanding and approachability. Very much so looking forward to Week 5 Thank you.
  • Robert W Johns relaxed approach to teaching creates a positive atmosphere in a tense situation if you are having trouble with the subject in hand. His knowledge is invaluable to which I felt confident in asking him any question and knowing he would respond without being left confused. I had a great week with great results. Thanks very much.
  • Lee P What can I say, another week of learning has come and gone in a flash a very competent and skilled tutor for which I am very grateful, would recommend my tutor and this centre to anyone and everyone. Once again what an excellent place.
  • Scott K Tutor is a fantastic tutor and really knew his stuff thanks for another great week
  • Evan K Very happy with the staff and management at the centre, very helpful in explaining courses and booking dates for attendance.
  • Ben C Vince is a good bloke to work under his knowledge was outstanding and was able to simplify any questions the group didn’t understand.
  • Reza A Fantastic time management, good and helpful.
  • Sebastian B Best centre I been to learn, best tutor for my study, high knowledge, always happy to help, 120 percent.  Highly recommend.
  • Paul O The tutor is good and very approachable if you have problems understanding. Lots of calculations this week, a lot to take in but was not pressured to do so , and passed so happy days
  • Thomas G The tutor was really patient and I didn’t feel under pressure at any time during assessments especially when learning something really new to me. Thanks for a great week
  • Mark R The tutor is a brilliant, he has really helped me through all my assessments and exams that I have faced this week, he is very thorough and has amazing ability to make what he teaches you stay in your head.
  • Nik P Tutor kept me involved during the study, through two-way conversation. Training above expectation. Facility 5*. Thanks.
  • Thomas G The tutor again was really great, explained information well and made quite a demanding week bearable with all the exams we had to fit in to the week. Overall a good week. A mention for the support staff in the office they were really helpful throughout the week thanks.
  • Mark R The tutor as always is a brilliant, he is very thorough and knowledgeable and makes sure you understand why and how things work/operate in depth. He is a real asset and this week has been thoroughly enjoyable and have learnt a huge amount . A real pleasure to be around and makes learning enjoyable and fun.
  • Adam B The last two weeks have been very helpful. My tutor has shown me a lot and made me understand calculations in a very simple format without complicating it. Would definitely recommend.
  • Jagira S The tutor is a brilliant teacher, very thorough and explained topics further when not understood.  Highly recommend him and would be grateful to see him again on my further weeks of gas training.
  • Zac A I think the centre is expertly managed and everything is satisfactory.  My tutor is such a lovely kind man who looks after you very well, and he explains everything in detailed, ways that you are never lost, if you do become a little lost he breaks it all down in a very detailed way and you instantly understand what he is saying, he is an excellent tutor (the kind you would want when you was in school).  I can’t say enough kind words about him. My other tutor is also a lovely guy and a good teacher who was very kind as well I had a right laugh with them both as well as learning loads.  My time here was better than I expected and I hope to come back to this centre on my next 2 weeks and for my 3 weeks after.
  • Connor B I have been really happy with my week 4, our tutor has helped me out a lot and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from him. Also all the staff at the centre have been very friendly and informative.  Overall my training at this centre has been 10/10 experience.
  • Youssaf H The tutor was an excellent teacher, providing engaging and informative discussions helping us to gain a deeper and broader understanding of our field of study. The tutor’s wealth of knowledge and experience quickly reassured us that we would receive a proper education in not just theory but also in practice.
  • Flavio V It has just been amazing, loving every moment at the centre.  It is a lot to take in, what amazes me is just the way my tutor makes it look easier and very understandable.
  • Martyn M Great time had learning with my tutor. Can’t wait for next time. All staff very good and always willing to help. Thanks to all.
  • Tek P This is second week and beginning of week we had a fantastic tutor, we all enjoyed and got lots knowledge, we also had another tutor who know how to teach to student and how to do practical, so we’re enjoying our time with him and I got lots of information and knowledge. thank you.
  • Dare A The tutor was very helpful in all the lectures, I can’t wait to come back for the second week. All the receptionist were very helpful.
  • Peter A The tutor was always ready to help and explain things so I could try and understand. The admin lady was always about to help with anything the group needed and always had a smile on her face
  • Garry S The tutor has been incredible, I know and trust the tutor’s methods and teaching style and he is very professional and helpful, calm and keen to intervene when needed to get you back on track what an amazing guy. I truly cant thank him enough!
  • Steven M The tutor always provides fantastic training, explanations, and demonstrations whenever we attend the centre, he encourages all of the students to be the best that they can be. I always leave the centre more knowledgeable of the procedures which the tutor explains in very fine detail. Not only do I learn more but he makes the course enjoyable.
  • Neville M The course is brilliant and I’ve learnt loads of new ways of welding with the help of a brilliant instructor.
  • Steven M My tutor was an excellent, he advised me of my errors, told me how to correct them, and encouraged me to produce finer work for my own benefit. He answered every question asked, and demonstrated any task I was unsure of. 10/10
  • Sam W Once again Steve is a great tutor and thanks to him I’ve made significant progress in my welding ability. He is also very helpful and friendly. As are all the staff here. Great experience as always
  • Kasifa P The practical have been well organised all materials were there and we were given time to complete our work, the Tutor is very knowledgeable. I am pleased with the practical training.
  • Fostino K I enjoyed my training.  The working atmosphere was superd.  My tutor very helpful.  He had time for me.  I can only say thank you for helping me to become a welder.  I have the confidence now to look for a job as a welder.  Thank you very much.
  • Stefan B I felt really good during the practical training.  I am very pleased with conditions offered and the equipment in the workshop was very good. The personnel were very kind and it was a pleasurable experience. I wish that in the future I can do all my practical training in this centre. Thanks to all.
  • Gregory P Training centre is well laid out with great machines and tools. The workshop is clean and organised. The tutor was patient and very knowledgeable with the ability to convey processes in a well thought out manner.
  • Aaron C Very, very happy, the tutor’s teaching abilities are fantastic and are easily interpreted, really friendly and has the patience of a saint, he really is good at what he does exactly what I was expecting coming here to do my practicals, very professional.

I am currently working as a material handler at a large Bakery and also completing my own Plumbing work in between.

I started this course because I wanted a different path and to broaden my horizons. I am looking to now set up my own business and complete work for myself in the hope to eventually leave my full time job and be a full time Plumber or find a full time Plumbing job.

It has been hard work but very rewarding and you feel a real sense of achievement when you complete each stage of the qualification.

My favourite parts of Level 2 were completing the Bathroom and radiator tasks and then going onsite to complete the NVQ although it was challenging. I have never done any Plumbing before or any other manual work.

Training centre was brilliant and I found that the tutors were very knowledgeable. The facilities had everything that I needed and were very organised. The tutors are very approachable and made the experience enjoyable throughout.

Overall I had a very good experience and would to anyone as long as they have a passion for Plumbing.

It’s Jag here … just wanted to get my review done for you before life takes over and I put it off until never.

I have just completed my Level 3 Plumbing qualifications and wanted to take the time to leave a review of my experience.

The plumbing course exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I had the privilege of attending course work at two training centres. The facilities are amazing – well equipped with up to date tools that are actually in good condition. The classrooms and workshops are amazing clean and organised.

The best part are the instructors. They are just amazing, knowledgeable with real life experience on the tools, kind, patient and overall exceptional teachers an even better people. The rest of the staff at the centres are always polite and professional and willing to help with any issues you may have.

It may have taken me a little longer than most to get through the course … but I got there in the end.

Thank you to the tutors for a job well done.

In 2014 I finished a digital art degree at University with the intention of possibly moving into the programming sector, but after much deliberations I decided that a more stable career would be a sensible approach.

I have always been a problem solver and enjoyed building my own computers, but it was after having some extensive electrical work done on my partner’s house only for it to be deemed unsafe and poor workmanship at best that, partly out of necessity and partly from intrigue, I settled on securing my pathway to become a fully qualified electrician.

I decided to go with the private training provider, because although it was fairly costly, I could see that everything was provided and there should be no obstacles to prevent me from achieving my overall goal of running my own small to medium size company and hopefully giving other people an opportunity to succeed as well.

My name is Mark and I am working as a manager. I am not currently enjoying my job and want to move in to renewable energy.
I am currently carrying out Plumbing tasks on my own and I have enjoyed learning new skills throughout this course.

The Training centre is fantastic but I have struggled with the paperwork as this is not my strongpoint. The staff have supported me through it and I feel relieved now I have passed my Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing.

I am currently working as a Joiner as part of a family business with my Dad. I am not looking to leave Joinery behind just expand my skills so we can take on more work such as heating systems and do the full kitchen refit.

I started doing my own Plumbing work after week 2 as I felt confident with the skills that I had developed. I found the low carbon steel tasks most challenging because they were hard work.
The staff at the training center make learning easy with their teaching methods and the tutors are always kind and polite and make the experience fun.

Since I have finished my Level 2 Diploma course I feel more qualified and I am looking forward to Level 3.

When I have completed my courses I would like to move on and do my gas.
If anyone is looking to do this course I feel it is worth them taking a look in to.

I am currently employed by Coca-Cola™ as a technical operator. In my job role I operate the machines which fill the cans and make any repairs to faulty machinery. Although I do enjoy my job, after doing it for 17 years, it gets very tedious due to the inherent monotony of manufacturing environments.

When I was younger I always wanted to be an HGV driver. That was until the day I actually sat in an HGV and realised it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a career. I was always slightly envious of my friends who learnt a trade and built careers and companies, but it never seemed like the right time for me to get into a trade. Last May I was given the dreadful news that the factory I was working at was being closed down I was to be made redundant.

I decided to turn a negative into a positive and sign up for a Plumbing & Heating course. My plan was to have completed my Level 2 diploma within a year and I am currently 10 months into my course and in centre completing my final Level 2 training week.

I am very excited to make my entrance on site and to complete my NVQ so I can progress readily onto Level 3. I have found my training to be very enjoyable and an extremely positive experience.