Welding Courses

Welders are in high demand across a wide range of industries. Welding is used largely in the manufacturing sector but the skill has practical applications in many other industries including ship building, car making, engineering, construction and many more. Welding is a skill that requires experts for its durability and safety reasons and cannot be performed by untrained people.

The future for welders is positive due to advancements in technology. Many welders are now working with cutting edge technology as robots can now be used to cut metals and electrons are employed to bond metals more securely than previously possible. These technologies are securing the future of the industry.

Welding Career prospects are good for welders. Welders can expect to earn on average £24,449 (Totaljobs.com) per year but it is certainly possible to earn significantly more than this through specialising in certain areas or by doing overtime. Those working with cutting edge technology and specialist coding are likely to earn significantly more.

Practical training is a requirement for any good course. All our courses require students to undertake theoretical learning as this underpins the practical skills that are learnt.

With the welding course on offer you will be expected to undertake and pass practical training sessions at a fully equipped training centre which means that you will be able to walk into a job with confidence and the required skill level.