Green 360 Ltd.

We can help you

Green 360 ltd has helped 1000’s of people in the UK find a better and brighter future as a qualified trades professional.

  • We will help you become qualified as a Plumber, Electrician, Welder, Gas Engineer or Renewable Energy Engineer.
  • Not sure what kind of career you want? Don’t worry we will help and guide you so that you can choose the best course for you.

What are the advantages

  • A trade career can be financially rewarding.
  • You can build a more flexible lifestyle with a trade career qualification.
  • There are many great opportunities for self-employment as a trades professional.
  • And you can learn while you are still working (and earning).
  • You can gain industry recognised qualifications.
  • All courses are a combination of Home Learning and hands-on Practical Training at the best Training Centres across the UK.

Who hires trades people?

  • Home Builders – Housing Associations and Societies need to fill roles in the Domestic Plumbing and Gas Sectors.
  • County Councils – There is growing demand across the UK for new Electricians, Gas Engineers and Plumbers.
  • Commercial Maintenance Contractors – These companies supply trades people for maintenance and repair of commercial and Council buildings.
  • Large firms and multinationals – Require large teams of in-house technicians.
  • And of course, you can work for yourself – a career in trade offers motivated individuals a number of great opportunities to become self-employed.

More about G360

Q: Where are the Training Centres based? 
There are state of the art training centres across the country which you will attend to complete your practical training and assessments – there will be one located near to where you live.

Q: When do the courses start? 
The enrolment process is ongoing – new courses are starting all the time and you may enrol at a time to suit you.

Q: Who will train me? 
Qualified & Experienced Course Tutors.

Q: Do I study online or at a training centre? 
These are training courses incorporating home study and practical training at one of our training facilities. It is a mixture of home based blended learning to acquire the necessary underpinning knowledge and hands-on training at fully equipped workshops to develop your practical skills.

Q: What are the differences between Domestic & Professional courses? 
Typically ‘domestic’ courses are NVQ Level 2 equivalents and the professional equates to NVQ Level 3. Either level of qualification will enable you to work competently as a qualified trade person within your chosen trade. A trades training specialist will help you select the course which best suits your needs and aspirations.

Q: What can I do when I qualify? 
Advice is given on the career-paths open to you, either as a full-time employee, sub-contractor or self-employed trades person.